Getting The Love You Wantwrkshopb

An intensive two-day workshop for married and unmarried couples to rediscover the joy of being together while using their relationship for personal change and growth.

* Help couples gain greater compassion for each other
* Help couples develop new communication skills
* Help couples will gain insight into how the unconscious forces that attracted them to each other are also the source of conflict
* Help couple help each other get in adulthood what they did not get in childhood
* Help couples learn new tools for re-romanticizing their relationship
* Help couples experience emotional healing and spiritual evolution
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wrkshopaKeeping The Love You Find

A practical, fast paced two-day workshop for individuals, whether or not they are in a committed relationship, that is designed to:

* Discover a better understanding of yourself and your relationship patterns
* Obtain insight into how the same unconscious forces that attracted you to others are also the source of conflict
* Learn and understand why you love some experiences and dread others.
* Uncover patterns that are not working for you and learn how to make new relationships more successful.
* Gain the communication tools required for a healthy, long lasting, and fulfilling relationship
* Experience emotional healing and spiritual evolution for a more joyful life
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Intensive Group Training in Imago Couples’ Therapy
This intensive 96-hour training in Imago Relationship Therapy leads to certification as an Imago Relationship Therapist (for therapists/clinicians) This in-depth training will equip you to work successfully with the most challenging couples and relationship dynamics. Through this training, you will move your professional skills to a more advanced level and learn how to move a couple beyond the power struggle into a renewed level of empathic connection and commitment. As you develop your potential as a couples’ therapist, you will also deepen your skills in working with groups and individuals, while enhancing healing and growth in your own relationships.

Becoming an IMAGO THERAPIST – Current  and Future Trainings

Imago Clinical Training in Delray Beach Florida  

Imago Clinical Instructor: Carol Kramer Slepian, LCSW, 212-713-1688.  an Advanced Imago Therapist, trained by Dr. Harville Hendrix.  

Dates: November 16 – 19, 2017 ;    February  1 –  4, 2018;   April   26 – 29, 2018



Imago Clinical Training – New York City – Positive Mind Center-  119 W57th Street – suite 1100  $3000 Training and material fee (payable in 3 installments)  Register by  2/15/2018 and receive  $250. discount for first Module      

929-277-7256.      96 CE’s available

Dates: March 1 – 4, 2018;  May 3 – 6, 2018;   June 21 – 24, 2018  (9:00am – 6:00pm)

Imago Clinical Instructor: Carol Kramer Slepian, LCSW, an Advanced Imago Therapist, trained by Dr. Harville Hendrix. 


Imago Clinical Training – New York City with Herb Tannenbaum, Ph.D    — For over 30 years, Herb has worked as a senior member of the Imago faculty-teaching, lecturing and presenting workshops.    96 CE’s available

2018 SCHEDULE  Friday- Sunday 9am to 5pm
January 19-21, 2018;  February 23-25, 2018;  March 23-25, 2018;  April 27-29, 2018     

Each session is separated by a month to allow practice and integration of the material.
For more information:               To register, contact:
Herb Tannenbaum, Ph,D.         Christine Karavaski
917-861-4556.                                 855-772-8861 ext.3
[email protected].                 [email protected]                               

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