GNYAIRT Chapter Update June 28, 2016

Hi Everyone,
I would like to start this update by thanking everyone who filled out the feedback survey and/ or came to our GNYAIRT brainstorming chapter meeting. As a result of your input the GNYAIRT Board has decided to focus on including more IMAGO related material in our chapter meetings. We hope that will satisfy both our long term members while offering those new to imago an incentive to attend our meetings. We are also going to reach out to those therapists who are now in training or have recently completed their training. We hope to put in place a buddy system to help new members feel more welcome and included. If any of you are interested in being a buddy please contact. Barbara Mitchell – [email protected]

Thanks also to Clayton Horsey who has completed his term as GNYAIRT’s Treasury and big welcome to Pamela Wood who has stepped up to become our new treasurer. I would also like to thank Ellen Weber who continues to serve as our representative to IRI’s global committee.

As a result of your input we will also be looking into getting NYS Ceus. Anyone interested in helping to facilitate the process please contact me ([email protected]).

Not all our feedback came from our surveys or our brainstorming meeting some came from our direct observations. For the past several years the attendance at our Chapter tea has fallen off. The group and board felt that we might like to try something less formal and more playful to attract some of our newer members. So we came up with a “Spring Fling for GNYAIRT Friends and Family” details to follow. At this point I would like to give a big shout out to Robert Marantz for allowing us to host our Tea at his beautiful home. Thank you so much for your years of generosity and hospitality.

Please save the following dates for next year. (More detailed information will follow in weeks to come)
Sept 30, 2016 chapter meeting
Nov 18, 2016 chapter meeting update
Dec 9, 2016 Workshop 10am to 4pm presented by Marge Nichols, PhD (Many of you might of read her article on Transgender in the Networker)
Jan 27. 2017 Workshop 9:30 till 4:30 presented by Sylvia Rosenfeld
Awakening Eros- Sexual Desire & Erotic Intimacy
March 3, 2017 Chapter meeting Barbara Mitchell – Imago and Money Issues
Sunday April 23, 2017 Spring Fling for friends and family 3-5pm
May ? Workshop with Diana Fosha 10-4 exact date and topic to follow
June 9,2017 Final Chapter meeting

One of the most significant insights to come out of the meeting was how important this community is to our members. Because that is what we are – A community. Yes, it is IMAGO that has brought us together but the reason we stay is the amazing connection we feel toward one another. This is a community that loves to learn and share its knowledge and learning with one another. Many or most of us have been trained in a multitude of therapeutic modalities and have acquired many skills over the years which we share and bring back to our community. Most of us are sole practitioners and having a community of like minded people to connect with, helps to eliminate the isolation one tends to feel in such a situation. We are a community who still feels excitement and passion with our profession. It is for all this that we want to preserve, maintain and grow our community. We want to share this community with those new to IMAGO because we love to share.