A big thank you to Clayton Horsey who led a panel on “Counter-transference in Psychotherapy” and to the panel of presenters, Jerry Katz, Cheryl Dolinger Brown and Barbara Mitchell who shared some of their own experiences on the subject. This was followed by a group discussion.

ELECTION RESULTS Also announced at the Chapter meeting are the results of the election. Irene S. Azar is the new president, Judith Clarke is now vice president and Clayton Horsey will continue on as Treasurer and Lauren Levy will continue on as Secretary. Linda Schnapp and Charlotte Wolovsky will continue to head up our Continuing education committee and Barbara Mitchell as the outgoing President will continue to offer support and council to the board.

Trainee Delegate: It was also announced that Marisa Schnapp has been appointed as our first ever Trainee Delegate to the Board. It is the board’s hope and desire that having a liaison to the new therapists in training will increase their participation and connection to our Chapter.

We are also looking for a volunteer to be our (the GNYAIRT) delegate to the IRI international Committee. The committee meets once a month using a conference phone call connection and once a year in person just a few days before the IRI conference. This year the conference will be near Washington DC so it is quite doable by car. This is a wonderful opportunity to make world wide connections in the IMAGO community as well as have some impact on IMAGO world wide. If this sounds like something you might like to know more about please contact Clayton Horsey who was our former delegate. [email protected]

Linda Schnapp spoke about our next workshop presenter Lisa Ferentz – May 16 2014.
Both Marisa and Linda urged us not to miss this opportunity. Lisa is a day long presenter at the Family Networker Conference and is invited back year after year. She is a dynamic speaker and presenter. Lisa has published 2 books “Treating Self-destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors: A Clinician’s Guide” and most recently “Letting go of Self Destructive Behaviors: Workbook of Hope and Healing”. To learn more about Lisa go to
To sign up email [email protected]

Do you wish to present? Deadline for consideration in next years lineup is 5/18/2014.
Linda also made a request that those members who would like to present at either a workshop or a chapter meeting should fill out the attached form and send it to Linda ASAP. Also if you know of someone who might be of interest as a presenter at a chapter meeting or as a workshop presenter they too will need to fill out the form for consideration. Please send the completed form to [email protected]

Lauren Levy also announced that she will be presenting the
Connected Parents, Thriving Kids: The Imago Parenting Workshop
Dates: 5 Thursdays, May 15 to June 12, 7-9PM
. [email protected]
The objectives of the workshop are to help parents:
§ Develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their children
§ Deepen their connection with their children
§ Gain awareness of how the way they were parented impacts the way they parent their own children
§ Develop a repertoire of tools to calm their reactivity and meet their children’s emotional needs
§ Empower their children
§ Experience their own growth as they stretch to understand from their children’s perspective

The workshop will include:
§ Lectures
§ Guided visualizations
§ Live demonstrations
§ Written exercises
§ Exercises to practice communication skills

Breaking news — SAVE THE DATE —October 5, 2014
Linda had an opportunity to met with Hedy Schleifer at the Networker Conference and we are currently negotiating with her to come to our chapter on Sunday Oct 5, 2014. The day after Yom Kippur. The location will be determined by the response to our announcement. If you know of a location that might be suitable for 30 plus people please contact Judy Clarke [email protected]